Since most bands don’t have the courage to come visit Humboldt, we have to go to them. These are some of the bands we’ve played against over the years.

CCAA Bands

Chico State Pep Band   

sometimes they exist, sometimes they don’t.

UC San Diego Pep Band  

great guys, great band. They just need to travel.... to us

Don’t forget us when you go all division-oney!

Cal Poly Pomona Pep Band

one of our favorite bands to visit... you guys need to to travel too.

San Francisco State Gator Band

our favorite band that wears purple

The CSU San Bernardino “Wild Bunch”   

so, so wild. their website will blow you away with it’s wildness.

CSU East Bay Pioneer Band

It used to be called Cal State Hayward. But that didn’t sound cool enough. Nice try though.

GNAC Bands

Central Washington Marching Band

Our favorite serious marching band that actually marches... in Washington. Nice guys. Very serious. Won’t battle.

Western Washington Viking Pep Band

Eh. Whatever.

Dixie State College (Utah) Pep Band

Paid to be at games. But really nice people anyway.

Even more bands!

Southern Oregon Raider Band

The only band to travel to Arcata this century. Awesome.

UC Davis(ux) Aggie Band

oh well, gee whiz.

Oregon State Marching band

The beavers!!! How can you not love the Beavers?

Cal Poly SLO Mustang Band

The best bunch of band nerds we know. Beat Davis!

And even more more bands!

The Get a Life Marching Band

Portland’s finest.  “it doesn’t take good taste to know what tastes good”

Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band

From the foothills behind Stanford, “creating fine music since 1960”

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