We are the WORLD FAMOUS, award winning, super-duper

Humboldt State University Marching Lumberjacks!  

The only remaining, real SCATTER BAND from a public university



The Marching Lumberjacks (MLJs) take pride in being one of the lrstemaining student-organized and student-run organizations in college bands today.

What we feel a college band should be.

We don’t do that marching in step stuff - at least not intentionally, we don’t do latin fanfares, lame marching band competitions, and we don’t waste our time making sure everyones feet are exactly 6 inches off the ground or any other jboring stuff like that.

We’ve got jugglers, dancers, kazoo players, KEG players and even some very talented musicians.

In short - this AIN’T your typical college band.

Hey, if you marched in high school, hey, thats cool.

But we do things a little differently here.

If you really have a bug up your rear to march in neat, orderly, boring straight lines, we suggest an Army band.

They're pros at that kinda thing.

This is college - it’s supposed to be fun!

From Seattle to San Diego, The band participates in many parades and festivals up and down the West coast. We follow our championship Jacks athletics teams wherever they go and participate in tons of local events right here in beautiful Humboldt County.

And yeah, we do weddings too.

We’ve been on TV shows, (Jay Leno, Bill Maher)  in MOVIES (The Majestic with Jim Carrey)  and have been pictured in many magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, SF Chronicle, LA Times and way the heck back in 1993, we were pictured the National Geographic - marching right into the ocean! ...so that was pretty cool.

Simply put, WE’RE FAMOUS!!!! Woo-HOOOO!

We're proud to be quite the non-traditional marching band.

We believe in always having fun, but take our entertaining seriously! Whether it’s the students and alumni of HSU, the wonderful families and kids that line the parade routes or the masses out in Movie and TV land,

We love to put on a show, and we guarantee to make you smile or your money back or something.

Come check us out!


*guarantee void where prohibited, invalid in all 50 states, consult your doctor, etc.